Writing Services


You know it needs some work, you think your dialogue stinks, or you just want help because you’re stuck. Re-writing is an option! It’s also known as script revision or script doctoring and is a common practice in Hollywood. One of the most sought after script doctors was Carrie Fisher. Script doctors don’t get credits on the screen. Often, the only credit they get is the title page of the script and the words “Revisions by.”

What’s included? Well… let me tell you:





Reformatting (as necessary)

$450.00 for the entire life of the project. But what does that mean? It means “in development,” “pre-production,” and “post-production.” Need a few lines tweaked for a re-shoot? Let us know and we’ll handle it for you. Once your project hits the final stage (Theatrical release, VOD, or DVD/Blu-ray) our involvement is complete


You’ve probably seen ghostwriting and not known it. Most auto-biographies by celebrities are ghostwritten. The celebrity (some of these folks are way too busy to sit and write) hires a writer with the help of their agent or manager. Then, they sit down and flesh out an outline. The writer scurries off to write, only coming back with questions that need clarification, until they have a finished manuscript that is then read (maybe by the celeb) and approved. It’s sent on to the publisher and a few months later you have a book. Ghostwriters usually get no credit, unless the celeb gives them a ‘thank you’ in the dedication.

A famous ghostwriting team… James Patterson & (insert author).