Services offered by Kitiara Blue Media:

Script formatting – Have a great idea, have it all written down but can’t seem to get it formatted properly because you’re using Word and you can’t remember the margins, tab this or tab that? We’ll take care of that for you! Contact us for an estimate.

Script consultation – If you’re not sure what medium you’ve got in your script, we can take a look and give you a hand. Contact us!

Writing – You have a great idea but you can’t write? Let us write it for you. Have you got an outline or a summary of the major points of your story? We can work with it! Contact us for terms.

ClassesContact us for class rates and a class list. Need one on one help? We can handle that, too!

Contact us for all pricing. Did you hear about us on Facebook or another social media outlet? Mention where when emailing us!

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