The Brigid Chronicles



The Brigid Chronicles  is an adaptation of the short story “The Countess” by N. L. Ackerman with the addition of the currently unpublished companion piece “Brigid’s Mistake.”

The Brigid Chronicles was submitted, and accepted, to the 2nd CINE/A&E Pitch Fest. A&E is searching for original content. This is Nikki’s second submission to this pitch fest. Her first was Tales from the Sandbox, her Masters thesis. You can check out that project here.

The Brigid Chronicles started in Dr. Dave Jauss’s Fiction Writing I class at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. If it hadn’t been the need to create something shorter than what Nikki had been working on at the time, we wouldn’t have the idea today. A big thank you to Dr. Jauss for being Ms. Ackerman’s mentor.

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