Screenwriting References

All of these books were a part of either my undergrad honors program (which was creative writing that focused on screenwriting) or my graduate program (which also had an emphasis in the entertainment industry). I wouldn’t put them out here if I hadn’t read them!


I used the 5th edition in my undergrad class and it has all of my notes and highlights, tabs, etc. When I did my graduate work, I had this edition. It’s updated. A lot. I recommend getting this even if you have a previous edition. Then, go through and find what’s changed!
I know! It’s not that book by that other guy. I’ve read that one too and I’m not a fan. This book was also in my graduate reading list. It’s a lot simpler (and thinner). And it goes with the companion “The Screenwriter’s Workbook.” Equally as helpful.
I would love to say that this is indeed the last screenwriting book you’ll ever need but that’s not so. I did find it helpful.

TV Writers

I’ve not read “The TV Showrunner’s Roadmap” but it is on my list!

General Reading

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